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There are many different ways for you to get involved with the Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings (CSHB), whether as a member or partner or through research projects, workshops and events.


Join us as a CSHB member and get access to reports, events, seminars, case studies and up-to-date information about markets and technologies.

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Partners and Projects

Become one of our partners, bringing a range of expertise across multiple sectors, and collaborating on research and projects.

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Expert Groups, Events and Workshops

CSHB activities are divided into a number of themes to provide focus, whilst recognising the significant links between the themes. These include energy and comfort, health and wellbeing, safety and security, connectivity and interoperability, data and performance, privacy and cyber security.

The Expert Groups provide direction for CSHB activities, while our events, workshops and seminars provide the opportunity for all interested parties to engage on specific topics.