Our purpose

Launched in September 2017, the BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings (CSHB) is a collaborative hub for industry, academia and government.

Emerging smart solutions offer a step change in the way that we live, work and address key societal challenges. They are enabled by advances in digital technology and new data driven services and business models. The speed and scope of the changes present both opportunities and challenges in the areas of energy and comfort, health and wellbeing, safety and security, connectivity and interoperability, data security and privacy, design, construction and installation.

CSHB works to ensure that smart technologies and services meet the needs of end users, to provide clarity on the performance of devices and systems, and to address emerging risks.

How we operate

CSHB is operated by BRE in collaboration with its members and partners. BRE is the world’s leading building science centre, providing extensive facilities, experts, standards, tools, training and education across the built environment. These facilities include the BRE Innovation Park and the BRE Smart Home Lab. It is part of the BRE Trust, which uses profits generated by BRE to fund new research and education programmes.

A Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) and Expert Groups consisting of invited experts in their fields from industry, academia and government, together provide direction, oversight and governance.
Members can access reports, events, workshops and other benefits described here. Members and Partners also collaborate with CSHB on a range of projects. There is wider engagement with industry through events and the dissemination of the activities of CSHB.

Our Members’ Views

A few words from EDF about the benefits of joining the Centre:

“The world of the connected home and building has been in its infancy for a long-time, but is finally reaching the mass market through improved connectivity, the Internet of Things, Smart Metering and affordable home automation.  There is still much to be done, and issues such as interoperability, security, privacy, ease of implementation and usability, along with inclusivity and accessibility all need further work.  In addition, proving, testing and standards formulation to build customer and user confidence all feature highly in the expectations of the Government and the market.

The BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings provides an opportunity to help address issues which are common across industry, shaping policy, defining standards, supporting innovation and demonstrators. EDF Energy is proud to be a Gold Member of CSHB, as it seeks to address gaps and obstacles to progress, particularly with the advent of Smart Metering and Grid, and the opportunity to deliver a more energy efficient home and building through connectivity and automation.”

Ash Pocock – Head of Industry, Regulation and External Affairs for Smart Metering at EDF Energy.

Activities of the Centre

Access to solutions

Access to information about the performance of products and services.

Demonstrators and test beds at BRE.

Research and projects

Expert Groups and Partners across industry, academia and government help shape and deliver research across key subject areas.

Data and performance

Helping deliver optimal benefits from shared data whilst ensuring security and privacy.

Knowledge dissemination

Knowledge dissemination through publications, events, workshops and training.

Members and Partners

Our initial members and partners are shown below.







The Membership section provides further information on the benefits of joining the CSHB.

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