Wondrwall join CSHB

Wondrwall, providers of an ‘intelligent living system’ that automatically controls heating, lighting, security and safety, have become the latest member to join CSHB.

CEO Daniel Burton said “Wondrwall Group are delighted to become a member of the BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings. We believe that being a member of the BRE CSHB will bring huge benefits both for Wondrwall and for BRE. In addition to our Home Automation platform that intelligently controls heating, lighting, security and safety and adds voice control technology to both existing and new homes, we are looking forward to involving other divisions of Wondrwall including Assisted Living which uses the intelligence of the Wondrwall platform to allow the elderly to live independently for longer and our Energy division that is looking at using the intelligence of the Wondrwall platform to reduce energy bills for consumers and look a innovative new solutions for residential energy generation and storage.”