Maximising the benefits for all

The Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings (CSHB) is a collaborative hub for industry, academia and government. It works to accelerate the use of smart products and services in the built environment, maximise the benefits for all and address common challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Smart technologies can improve the performance of homes and buildings, and the experiences of people living and working in them. They can help reduce energy use, cut carbon emissions and support more intelligent and flexible management of energy supply and demand. Health and wellbeing can be improved through better management of internal environments, safety and security. Responsive and intelligent assisted living services can provide support for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, helping them live better and for longer at home. Costs can be reduced and productivity increased through reduced utility bills but also through smarter facilities management and predictive maintenance. Smart technologies also offer greater convenience for all, allowing control through voice and mobile apps as well as using automation and artificial intelligence to support and predict our changing needs.

It is important that the needs of end users are properly understood to ensure that technologies solve real problems in cost-effective ways. They should be inclusive with interfaces that are intuitive and accessible to all. New technologies need to work reliably, safely and perform as expected, gaining the trust of those engaging with the world of IoT.

CSHB provides a focal point for stakeholders, helping ensure that smart solutions meet the needs of end users, providing clarity on the performance of devices and systems, and addressing emerging risks.


Wondrwall join CSHB

Wondrwall, providers of an ‘intelligent living system’ that automatically controls heating, lighting, security and safety, have become the latest member to join CSHB.

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IoT In The Home Demonstrator

BRE, an industrial partner of PETRAS – the research hub for the cybersecurity of the Internet of Things – has recently started work on the IoT in the Home Demonstrator project. BRE’s Centre for Smart Homes & Buildings will lead the development of the demonstrator on the BRE Innovation Park Watford and outcomes will be disseminated through the Centre.

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Smart Home Lab

BRE has developed the Smart Home Lab at their Watford site, to provide a collaborative demonstrator and test bed for smart home technologies. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.